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E5530 Processor Fan Speed

Model: E5530
Processor : i5-3320M

BIOS: A20,

OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit, 8GB RAM

Hello there.

I have bought this model of laptop 1 year ago. I am working in programming so I constantly had like 20 tabs opened in Chrome and various applications beside. This had worked without any issues for the past 1 year, for example I would hear the processor's fan speed once in a while, let's say one time an hour or so, didn't even bothered me since I would hear it so rarely.

But in the last two weeks, without any changes to my workflow, I I hear it every 3-5 minutes.

I am monitoring it and the CPU and RAM are not even used, the fan starts even without applications opened, just by itself. An app which lets me monitor the speed and temperature shows that starts when the temp. is 50 Celsius. And what I have noticed is that the RPM stays at 0 for a few minutes then jumps to ~3400 RPM for a few seconds/minutes, then drops back to 0 RPM, thus leaving the temp. to rise again in a few minutes:

My question is, shouldn't the speed be always not 0 RPM in order to keep the temperature down? If it would be anything higher than 0 RPM I guess the temperature would go up much slower and thus the 3400 RPM which is disturbing to hear would be happening rarely.

I took the laptop for a cleaning form where I've bought it, the service man said it was not so dirty and that he cleaned it for dust and changed the thermal paste.

I know for sure that a few months ago when there were 40 Celsius outside I was not hearing the fan, it was working so good so I have no idea why now it starts every 3-5 minutes.

I would appreciate some help in this case, what should I do?

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