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I have a Latitude E6430 here running win10...the durn thing shows me SOME of the wifi networks in range, but it won't show me all of them......especially the one that's live in the bulding I'm in that everyone else can see.


Any ideas why? I'll try anything here, as I can't always plug in when I need wan access....

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Re: E6430


Check if this is the case, open the Control Panel, go to Network and Internet, click Network Sharing Center, and click Advanced sharing settings, then check if the Network discovery is on. If it's not, select Turn on network discovery, then click Save changes.

You may also want to click the link below and update your wifi drivers and any others that are available.

Dell E6430 Drivers, Downloads and Manuals

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Re: E6430

Any chance that all of the missing networks are using the 5 GHz band?  If so, it's possible that your WiFi card only supports 2.4 GHz.  What WiFi card do you have in your system?

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