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E6540 doesn't have USB 3 connectors?

My laptop keeps complaining that the ports I plug into aren't high-speed, but the drivers are up to date, and I thought I saw they had blue connectors and were all USB 3.0...

When I look at the manual - https://topics-cdn.dell.com/pdf/latitude-e6540-laptop_owners-manual_en-us.pdf - it says "USB Four USB 3.0-compliant connectors".

So what's going on? I'm not even sure how to properly test them, or figure out what's wrong or what to do.

Also they randomly disconnect, but I don't know if that's related. I'm using Windows 7 Pro 64-bit.

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Re: E6540 doesn't have USB 3 connectors?

As you are probably aware, Windows 7 does not have built in USB 3.0 support. You have to install the drivers from the Dell support page. Have you already done that and the ports still do not work?


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