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I occasionally get a FAULTY_HARDWARE_CORRUPTED_PAGE BSOD on my E5440 on Win 10 (on ntoskrnl.exe).

I have already run Dell Diagnostics, seatools dianostics, memtest86+, updated drivers and bios and reinstalled Windows 10 without success.

My laptop is equipped with a ST500LM000 Seagate SSHD and I am wondering if this might cause the issue?

Does anyone know what might cause this problem / is anyone else encountering this issue?



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Please run Dell Support Assist, it will check your hardware for any failures

Thanks, it shows all passed.

It means there is no Hardware issue.
Kindly update the hard drive firmware by downloading this.

Data is not impacted, however its always a good idea to back up before updating firmware.

Let me know the status

Thanks, I already have the latest HDD firmware installed (have done that update some months ago).
Do you have another idea?

Shut down system, Power on, Select F12, Diagnostics, Press ESC, run custom test on Hard drive and memory(select thorough test option)
Check for any clicking or grinding sound
If that also passed, Last resort would be to delete all partitions on your hard drive and reinstall OS.

FYI, I was also changing the HDD to a SSD. Bluescreen still appeard.

I then did the following:

- Re-Insert RAM (actually already did that before)

- Pull out CMOS battery

- Remove WWAN Card (Dell Wireless 5570) as I don't use it

Since then, no Bluescreens anymore :) Guess one of the latter solved it.

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