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Fan malfunction for Latitude E6330. Help!

Hi, after a notice of a fan malfunction, I ran diagnostics and received an error code of 2000-0511 with a validation of 115331. Everything else works fine in my laptop, and I try to use compressed air on it about every other week. 

It was a gift, and likely a computer the gifter had for a while, so I'm unsure of any warranty on it. What to do? 

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Re: Fan malfunction for Latitude E6330. Help!

Your E6330 is about 7 - 8 years old so there will be no warranty available.

If the problem is a faulty fan, you can buy one on eBay fairly inexpensive and replace it yourself or have a knowledgeable friend do it for you. It could also be a faulty motherboard which will make any repairs difficult and expensive

Having it repaired professionally would be an expensive endeavor that might not justify the cost for you.
Used E6330 can be had for +/- $100 on eBay.

You can also buy a newer refurbished model direct from Dell at


Good luck!


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