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Fresh Out of the Box 7490 - Dell Digital Delivery Hangs, Spins, Waits Forever, and Does Nothing

Brand new fresh out of the box 7490. Ran Dell Command Update, ran all the Windows 10 updates, opened up the preinstalled and new looking Dell Digital Delivery to get my Dell Power Manager.

It's just hanging on the Welcome to Dell Digital Delivery screen. Hanging, with a spinning circle, for hours now. Reboot and it does the same thing.

How can I access Dell Digital Delivery to get my Power Manager if the program just hangs on a nearly fresh out of the box Dell laptop?

I'd love to put more information into this post but that's about it. Fresh out of the box, and all I did was run updates from Windows Update and Dell Command Update. The Dell Digital Delivery software won't run. Not domain joined, just a generic user installed on it without a password, no software installed, no nothing.

I'm going to let it run all night and see what happens in the morning. Thanks for a great experience Dell, this has been wonderful today with this brand new laptop.

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