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How do I add bluetooth on an older Latitude E6430

I have read all the posts, updated the drivers, attempted to add the mini 370. I have read there is no Bluetooth on this older model:TongueTied: Is there a way that I can add it? I am semi technically challenged, but now I am determined to do this. I have Windows 10 installed on the laptop. Please does anyone know? Thank you in advance.     SueCB:Smile:

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Re: How do I add bluetooth on an older Latitude E6430

On the support page for the E6430 there are drivers for Bluetooth on the following models, so it obviously was available on this Latitude. Besides the links I posted, you can google the other model numbers.

Dell Wireless 380/1550/1560

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Re: How do I add bluetooth on an older Latitude E6430

I think by the time of the E6430, Bluetooth was delivered by offering WiFi cards that included Bluetooth, such as the Intel Wireless-AC 7260 and most other recent Intel Wireless cards.  I remember reading a thread that it was possible to order a system with Bluetooth disabled from the factory, and if you do that then somehow even if you install a WiFi+BT combo card, only the WiFi portion will work, but as long as your system isn't set up that way, you should be able to buy a WiFi card that includes Bluetooth and get it that way.

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Re: How do I add bluetooth on an older Latitude E6430

Have you considered a USB Bluetooth Adapter like this one:

It is very inexpensive, barely noticeable and best of all plug and play with Windows.

My E6430 has Bluetooth but it is a separate card from the WiFi card. If your laptop was ordered with Bluetooth disabled from the factory you will not be able to get a new internal card to work.

My recommendation to you is the USB adapter.  Good luck!


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