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Intel(R) Smart Sound Technology (Intel(R) SST) OED error Code 10 on Latitude 5300


My district recently purchased many 5300's for our device refresh cycle and I've hit a snag with one of them.

Fresh Win10 image applied, the Intel(R) Smart Sound Technology (Intel(R) SST) OED driver errors with a Code 10:


Previously we've been able to fix this by uninstalling the driver and driver software, checking for hardware changes or restarting, and it fixes itself.  No luck this time.  I tried rolling back the Intel(R) Smart Sound Technology (Intel(R)SST) Audio Controller, which made the laptop hang in the splash screen after restarting.

Re-imaged, updated the BIOS, ensured Windows was up to date (winver 2004, current OS build 19014.508), ran Dell's Support Assistant, checked to make sure Audio was enabled in BIOS, attempted to troubleshoot via system sound (no device found), no change.  Still getting a Code 10.

Any ideas?

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I tried the solution provided. But when looking for the driver's I didn't find a realtek driver. Is there anyway to download it? 

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I had the same problem with my Dell Inspiron laptop. This worked for me:

1. The driver that includes this part won't update. Must be reinstalled.

2. I went to\support\drivers and put in the service tag for my laptop.

3. Ignore message that your drivers and up to date.

4. Chose the Realtek HD audio driver for download and install.

5. The error message for the Intel(R) Smart Sound Technology (Intel(R) SST) OED went away

microphone now working plus erratic Bluetooth audio fixed.

Thank you so much... It worked !!!

So I had same problem on a Inspiron 5490, just a bit to add ,...

First of all, go to device manager.

Then right click on Intel(R) Smart Sound Technology (Intel(r) SST) OED.

Click on uninstall the driver and make sure you check the box that says delete the driver software for the device, then uninstall.

Restart the pc.

then ,

  1. Go to Device manager - right click driver with issue , Un- install and delete driver
  2. Restart PC you will notice speaker now has a red X , no driver installed
  3. Install realtek driver dated 26/08/2020, 6.0.8984.1.A02
  4. To do this follow link below select audio , beside download click down arrow.
  5. Select older drivers , box will open with version above
  6. Install driver 6.0.8984.1.A02, says restart is required but don't need to do it
  7. Mic will now work


6.0.8984.1, A0226 Aug 2020

Same! Any solutions?

You have to pick it in Microsoft when you manualy choose a driver.

Beware to change the driver of the "controller" and not the faulty "OED"

This is the driver we ended up throwing at any 5300's or 5310's that had audio issues, and it fixed the large majority of them:

Realtek High Definition Audio Driver, Version 6.0.8963.1, A01

I do not have "High Definition Audio Controller" as an option. Any ideas???

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