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Kernel_Data_Inpage_error Windows 7, random occurrence



As per topic, different laptops (same model, latitude e7470), a similar blue screen that happens super inconsistently.  

I was trying all the well-known methods and eventually got stuck on the minidumps. Please do not post the sfc /scannow etc. I already did all of those including memory and disk tests.


I also tried to do verifier and was able to cause some blue screens. Uploaded you will find the most recent kernel BSDO + ones caused by the verifier. Before anyone will ask me why Kernel BSDO is so old - for some reason those were not written to the hard drive at some point.  


I guess my limitation is that I cannot read binary values of the dmp files. If you can help me out with those in addition to seeing where might the problem with those blue screens I would be very thankful. 


Link to the DMP: 




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