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Latitude 3379 freezes frequently

Hi all,

My new Latitude 3379 touchscreen (Intel i5-6300u 8 GB RAM Windows 10 64-bit) freezes frequently and requires a hard shutdown by holding down the on/off button. This is obviously extremely annoying and frankly unacceptable for a new machine. Our IT specialist identified that this happens when too many programs are running which overwhelm the hard drive or memory. Certain basic programs (e.g., Dropbox, virus protection, Chrome) seem especially likely to cause this. 

What I don't understand is, in the past my computers would run slowly but not freeze when I used too much of the hard drive or memory. How can I prevent the computer from freezing, and rather have it slow down and then I can select which programs to close?



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Re: Latitude 3379 freezes frequently

Hi abraack6,

Thanks for posting.  Apologies that your system is not performing as expected.

Freezing and Locking up can be caused by many things, if the system is performing well otherwise, it may be more of a software issue rather than a problem with hardware.  Here is some information you may find helpful:

Troubleshooting System Lock Ups or Freezes

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Re: Latitude 3379 freezes frequently

Good Morning,

I have a dell latitude 3379 and it constantly freezes and I am forced to reboot.  I have did everything to stop freezing, reformatted the hard drive, reinstall factory image, install the latest drivers and updated windows 10 to the 1803 build. However, the computer still freezes. I am running out of reasons why the computer continues to crash. Please help!

 Sincerely, Cheri

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Re: Latitude 3379 freezes frequently

I have a simillar problem with a Latitude 5480 and the same CPU. Windows 10 freezes with no casual reason:

+ within and outside of a USB dockings station (also dll)
+ idle CPU and under load

In the meantime i got a bios update, but this change did not helped me.

I took a look into the event logger and noticed a message, that is beeing poped up before the system freezes:

- warning 4106 "Group Policy Printers"

That seems to the the last remaining issue message before the system died.

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