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Latitude 5400

Just picked up with I7 8th gen processor, 16 gig, 512 10


1) Is this UEFI?

2) If so, I assume GPT?

3) I have not used win 10 since the insiders program.  Never liked it but I realize I am stuck now..

I had been in the  habit  ofu Sysprep for win 7 tweaked clean installs.  This unit has no media for Win 10 prof.

I like to move at least the Users folder to another physical drive for my PCs.  This is a laptop so instead I want to partition it into c for the is and D for the users folder and data.  I assume in win 10 app data or prog data cannot be moved!

Can I create a second partition and at least move the users folder?

Is it possible to do a clean install?  Does Dell use some propriatory recovery method?  I didn't receive any disks with the unit.

I just went through setup but have not used it yet. 

Any advice would be appreciated... specific steps.


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Mary G
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Re: Latitude 5400

Manuals are online now--

Old windows utilities will not work on win 10. For recovery options open Settings, Update and Security, Recovery. Don't make any changes until you use the laptop for awhile and do more research on windows 10. 

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Re: Latitude 5400

I did  find out how to do a clean install which would then allow me to move the users folder.

However, is there a simple way to move to move the users folder.

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