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Latitude 5480 TPM Device Not Detected Error


We are having issues with several 5480 laptops giving the error "Alert! TPM device is not detected" on start up.

This has started on all these laptops after updating the bios to the latest version. 

We have tried many troubleshooting techniques but nothing shows in the bios settings to disable/enable it, TPM cant be found with in the windows utility and PowerShell says "The Device Is Not Ready" when running any TPM related command

If anyone has a fix for this or Dell can fix this issue in the next BIOS update that would be appreciated. 

Many Thanks

Ashley Foster

Corporate IT Apprentice at ESG GLOBAL

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Nope. I believe this issue is being ignored by Dell. Not sure why


I have tried both fixes to no solution. I think it just needs a bios patch as it doesn't support the TPM device for some reason but ive been waiting for the patch for months.

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Hello, same problem here Latitude 5480 and "Alert! TPM device is not detected". I assume it happened in short time after BIOS upgrade. Shutting down device, unplugging power cable and pressing power key for a long time don't change anything. I'm thinking about removing battery and retry long power key press but I doubt it help, rather BIOS update messed up.

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Ok guys I did what I said, remove back, unplug battery, press power for let's say 25s and voila. Issue fixed TPM is back. Try it.

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After last BIOS update TPM again disappeared. This time I reset BIOS settings by holding power button for 31 s this also did the trick, TPM is back but I have to set all BIOS settings manually, so before that action it's good to make photos of settings.

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me too , I have no idea how to solve it.

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Hi.Did anyone manage to solve it? We have same problem and no solution found solved.



Francisco Oliveira

IT Analyst at JBS foods

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I have the same problem in my Latitude 5480. I have tried install a BIOS outdated version, but this did not downgrade.  Has someone found any solution? Thank you,


I confirm it works with an ajustment: i've unplugged the bios battery too.

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