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Latitude 5490 - CPU i5-8350U in maximum frequency all the time

Hello, i have problem with Dell Latitude 5490 with CPU i5-8350U, after start OS WIN 10 Pro 64-bit is CPU in minimal load is the maximum frequency CPU roughly 3,5 GHz and the frequency is not controlled. It would, that starts on the lot to rotate the fan and the laptop is very noisy. On the basis of telephone support with Dell, I tried to reinstall the drivers chipset (all of them), then test the fan and cpu, but everything went pass.
Properly has to be the processor after the start at the minimum frequency until there is no reason to make the frequency increase due to the load. Can you advise? So far, I've had to do it so that the user not crazy, that I disabled in BIOS the function of speedstep, which makes it that the processor controls just in those frequencies. Which now means that the CPU is running at a minimum 1.7 GHz all the time, this is unfortunately not the solution. Please advice.

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Re: Latitude 5490 - CPU i5-8350U in maximum frequency all th


I am having the same issue with just one (so far) out of 40+ 5490 laptops. We are running Win10 64-bit Enterprise edition. And yes it's driving the user crazy with the noise. Is there any solution or should I contact our Next-day Onsite support to come out and replace the mboard+CPU?

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Re: Latitude 5490 - CPU i5-8350U in maximum frequency all th

I think there is a choice to disable Intel turbo boost in the bios.  Actually the Intel boost should increase the frequency when it is needed but it seem that Dell intel turbo boost max out the frequency on all core all the time.  

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