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Latitude 5520 USB disconnects when running multiple devices

Hello everyone,

I was issued this laptop for working from home. I bought a KVM switch so that I could use it with my existing PC peripherals. My company also sent me a Dell Universal Dock D6000. When I attempt to use either of these devices to run both my mouse and keyboard through a single USB port, I find that the mouse and keyboard constantly disconnect and reconnect, either fully, or by not taking inputs for a couple seconds at a time, but remaining powered. The issue is worse when I am running the software that manages the mouse and keyboard. The issue also occurs on the Latitude 3520 I have. I'm worried this may be an issue with the speed of the USB ports. Has anyone experienced a similar issue?


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I ended up finding the solution myself. It was apparently a firmware update that wasn't applied in Windows Updates. 

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Hi there.

Sorry to hear that. To me this sounds like youre experiencing some usb hub/bus kind of bandwith / power failure behavior.

Are all of your drivers including the bios updates up to date?

But i think, that there might be a problem with the current bios settings. Check out this as reference:

To make it short: 

. Important BIOS Settings

The necessary BIOS settings are similar for all USB Type-C Docking Stations. See the individual notes in the following instructions.

Reboot your computer and press the F2 multiple times when the Dell logo appears. In the BIOS, proceed as follows:

Note: For some computers, the following settings are all found under the section USB-Configuration.
  1. Browse to System Configuration and then to USB-Configuration.
  2. Select the options Enable USB Boot Support and Enable External USB Port.
  3. Browse to Dell Type-C Dock Configuration and select Always Allow Dell Docks.
Note: If you are using a Dell Universal Docking Station (D6000 Series), this option must be disabled.
  1. Under System Configuration, browse to USB PowerShare and activate this option.
  2. Browse to Thunderbolt Adapter Configuration, and select Enable Thunderbolt Technology Support, Enable Thunderbolt Adapter Boot Support and Enable Thunderbolt Adapter Preboot Modules.
Note: If you are using a Dell Universal Docking Station (D6000 Series), this option must be disabled.
  1. In the same category, select Security Level - No Security.
Note: Items 5 and 6 apply only to computers with Thunderbolt controllers. If your computer does not support Thunderbolt, the options are disabled or not available.
  1. Now browse to POST Behavior and Fastboot. Select Thorough.
  2. On the bottom right, click the Apply button to save the changes made. Exit the BIOS by clicking the Exit button.


Hope that helps!



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Our initial reports from customers indicate that even with the release of the latest updates from Dell applied there are still some cases where USB-C devices may not work as expected. <Non-public info removed. TOS78>

Several customers have confirmed that enabling 'Airplane Mode' is an effective workaround Dell has released several updates for many of their Thunderbolt 3/USB-C systems, including the XPS 13 9350, XPS 15 9550, and Precision 5510.

These include updates to the system BIOS, the Thunderbolt 3 driver as well as the Thunderbolt 3 NVM firmware. Please be sure to visit and use your Dell Service Tag to locate, download and install the latest updates for your system as a first troubleshooting step should you encounter any issues with our USB-C docking stations with a Dell system.

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I ended up finding the solution myself. It was apparently a firmware update that wasn't applied in Windows Updates. 


Can you share which update it was? I looked and not finding anything for my 5520 and having a similar issue but not with a Dell dock.


Dell, Inc. - Firmware - is the one I installed. Notably, I do still experience a more minor version of the issue intermittently. It's solvable now by reseating my main USB cable though, and the symptoms aren't quite so impactful when it is going on. I think the USB ports on this laptop are just kind of slow

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