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Latitude 5590 Sleep Issue - BIOS update?

When I am away from my laptop for more than 30 minutes, the laptop goes to sleep regardless of my Windows 10 settings.  When it does this, it won’t come back out of that mode.  I have to use the power button to turn it off and lose everything I was working on.  I understand Dell is aware of this problem and said the issue would be addressed in the latest BIOS update.  I see there was an update yesterday but I don't see this issue on the list of fixes.  When is Dell going to release a fix for this?

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Unfortunately, the latest firmware update has not solved the sleep issue. Now I try the solution suggested above, reverting to the older HD 620 driver 26.20

After one day of intensive use I can confirm that reverting to the older video driver solved the sleep issue on Latitude 5990

Hello. I am following up with you to check if the system is working fine. Do write to us in case you seek additional assistance from Dell, until then we shall be archiving the case at our end. We would be happy to assist you.^MP

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