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Latitude 7350 missing sensors (completely)

Hi all,


Maybe someone will know this issue and could help me right away!

I swapped the motherboard to a more powerful version in my 7350. It works flawlessy, but the only problem is: the Intel sensor collection V2 (?) is not present. On the old motherboard it was present. So now my light and rotation sensor are not working anymore. Which is a minor annoyance, especially when it used to work. The camera does work, and I also ordered and installed a new cable for them.

I did fully update the BIOS to the latest version.The BIOS does not show an option for the ALS under "video", but I am not sure it would. I am running Windows 10 1809 Pro x64 and device manager does not show any faults… Or the sensors...

Now I have read online that there might be some kind of firmware update for the sensors, but that package is only obtainable through Dell support. Does someone know more of this?

I hope to have supplied you with enough information, any questions? Just ask!


Thank you!

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