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Latitude 7400 - Several laptops are BSOD'ing after Zoom Calls, not rebooting, heat related?

I have four Latitude 7400s with TB3 from 2019 that are all experiencing more or less the same issue. Users started reporting that they'll blue screen after or during Zoom calls. Then they sometimes don't reboot. One user also had her laptop making nasty static-y sounds from her internal speakers while the BSOD screen was up.

Sometimes they won't reboot either. They'll just go to a black screen, no Dell logo. They only reboot after I have the users open the laptop and pull the RAM chips and re-seat them, something i'm not thrilled to have end users do. I've had them swap the DIMMs and it doesn't matter, seems like just the effort of reseating them fixes the problem for a little bit. That only fixes the laptop-wont-turn-on problem, not the BSODs in W10.

I'm not talking one laptop - I'm talking 4 of them have all now done this. 

The first 7400 that did this was before the WFH / Shelter in Place. I couldn't figure out why it kept blue screening (error was WEA Uncorrectable Error). I did a complete 100% fresh Windows 10 install and it would still randomly blue screen even with nothing installed on it but Windows and Zoom calls weren't running.

Dell Diagnostics and extended memory check says it's all fine on every laptop.

Every user reports that it happens during or after Zoom video conferences. I suspect the laptop or the video card is getting too hot which is creating additional problems. These are all 7400s from 2019, but not purchased at exactly the same time. Doesn't matter if they're docked to a WD19TB or not.

Due to the SIP / WFH I have not had any of them fixed by a Dell rep

Anyone else having this issue?

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Thank you for all this information.  I will try the Furmark benchmarking tool.  I probably will have to call Dell to have the motherboard replaced.


I had to get every one of my 7400's (from 2019) repaired by a Dell tech because of this issue. I've had to repair so many of them I don't even have to explain the problem or run the diagnostics anymore, I just tell my rep and he gets the dispatch for what is usually a whole motherboard replacement.

I'm not sure if you're also on a 2019-era 7400, or if you're still under warranty, but if you are, I would submit a warranty repair. Explain to them when the laptop gets too hot, it crashes Windows. You notice this on Zoom calls because that ramps up the heat in the processor and GPU at the same time. You can also find and run Furmark (an intensive CPU/GPU benchmarking tool that rapidly ramps up your CPU and GPU), which will do the same thing after 5 minutes.

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Were you able to resolve this issue?  I am having the same issue now.  So while the user is using Zoom on the laptop, it would just go to blue screen.

I have similar issue with my new Latitude 7320. It gets to blue screen within 5-10 mins of Zoom call. Dell Diagnostic reports shows all is fine. We tried all that we could do.....installed new drivers, latest Zoom version. It still continues. If any one has got a fix / solution pls help here.

Interesting, it does appear that according to the task manager, one of these laptops is running at 3.22 to 3.8 ghz at only 15% utilization. The "base speed" for this laptop is only 2.1ghz but it's constantly running at 3.2 to 3.8ghz.

Is that the type of issue you've seen as well?

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Hi - there are several emails about some heat issues with the 7400.

I have the 7400 and it is working fine...  I have actually been in Zoom meetings all day (we have a virtual trade show / academic meeting going on now).

Can you take a look at one of the 7400s and see if the CPU is always running at max frequency, regardless of utilization?

That is the problem I and some others in my company are having.  The only fix for us was to load Throttlestop to force Speed Shift to be active.

There is a new BIOS that I have not tried yet.




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