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Latitude 7420 connected to U2422HE Monitor - Network drops


We have around 550 Dell Latitude 7420 Laptops that are connected via USB-C to Dell U2422HE monitor docks.

We are using the Realtek driver Version 10.52.418.2022

A lot of of users, including me, experience the ethernet becoming disconnected (globe appears in system tray), the laptop connects to wifi and then connects back to ethernet.  The ethernet is connected to the monitior.

It doesnt happen to everyone and happens in multiple locations, including at home and numerous offices.

It was very bad when we first got them but the driver update fixed most of them but some have the driver update on the laptop but still experience drop outs, multiple times a day.

We have found that many of the ADVANCED settings in the Realtek USB GbE Family Controller driver will affect this but no idea which one is the one causing it.

We depoly the updates via SCCM

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