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Latitude 7490 dual 2560x1440 monitors

Hello all,

One of our end users has an old laptop that's he's using with two 2560x1440 monitors.  That laptop has both miniDP and HDMI ports that he uses to connect the monitors.

We just ordered Latitude 7490 laptops and plan to upgrade him.  Since it only has one HDMI port, we're looking at options for driving the other monitor.  I think it'll work if we use the WD15 dock, or even just a USB-C to MiniDP/DP adapter.

I would just test this with him, but he works from home.  Does anyone know if this setup will work? From the Laptop and WD15 specs it looks like it should work, but I'd like to know if anyone has tested it before we allocate and ship one of these laptops and a WD15/adapter to him.

Thanks for the thoughts.

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Re: Latitude 7490 dual 2560x1440 monitors

The WD15 can do a single 1440p display, but it only supports dual displays up to 1080p.  This is mentioned in the WD15's product page, FAQ page, and manual.  If you want the technical reasons for this, see a post I wrote about the various modes of USB-C operation here.  If you want to drive 2x 1440p displays, you have a few options:

- One display connected to USB-C (either through a WD15 dock or via direct cable/adapter) and another display connected via the built-in HDMI port.  This works, but it's a two cable solution.

- TB16 dock, if you ordered the 7490 with Thunderbolt 3 support.  The TB16 can do up to dual 4K displays because it gets 4x the display bandwidth of the WD15.  Again, for technical details, see the link I posted earlier.  This is the only way to have a full single cable solution for both docking and displays.

- USB-C to DisplayPort MST hub (or DisplayPort daisy chaining if at least one display offers that), since this will dedicate all USB-C high speed channels to video, offering more display bandwidth than the WD15 scenario where half of those channels are dedicated to USB data.  This gets both displays attaching via a single cable, but you lose the option to have a docking station.

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