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Latitude E5470 - smoke & burnt smell when connect an adapter


I was using my Dell Latitude E5470, while suddenly it shut down. After then I can see the smoke from the fan side also can smell something burnt. Thus, I immediately plug off the AC adapter. 

Whenever I plug in the AC adapter into the laptop, I can smell burnt smell which I cannot smell while the plug is out.

I also check inside of the laptop, but I cannot see any obvious clue where is the problem. The first clue was swelling batteries, but I cannot smell at all from the battery. However, there was still burnt smell without battery. I am thinking this is fuse or mosfet matter. If there is a schematic diagram or detail note of the motherboard, I can check and fix it. Is there any chance to get those?

My warranty is already expired. Please give me any suggestion for this case and approximate cost to fix with DELL.



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Re: Latitude E5470 - smoke & burnt smell when connect an

Hi SacredYH,

If you could PM (envelope on the top right) me over your service tag I can have a look into this for you.



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