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Latitude E6430 best possible CPU upgrade

Hi, I have my current CPU (Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3630QM CPU @ 2.40GHz 2.40 GHz) working normally on the Latitude E6430 and I had to upgrade my CPU to the best possible generation to be able to upgrade WIN10 to WIN11. your kind support is highly appreciated thank you and best regards Elmehdi
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Hi , i have the same laptop in a slower configuration (i7 dualcore and 4 threads , 12 GB RAM and ssd) . W11 can be installed on our old laptops and is currently  working good , all drivers installed and so on. The disclaimer says that future updates migh mess up with our old procs and If you are not an advanced  user you should stick with w10 for now.

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@U2CAMEB4METhe OP asked about a CPU upgrade and we all answered that one.

Adding an SSD will still leave the OP with an ancient (in computer terms) machine that is slowed by memory and to do that merely to run Win10 may not be the most efficient use of funds.

If he has another computer that he can use if he runs in problems with Win11, then he can try upgrading as is.

I'm running two identical XPS13 machines - one with 10 and one with 11 and I've seen no "real world" performance differences.

I'm always a great fan of trying out the latest and greatest, but sometimes it pays to stick to the system that you know works. My "main" computer is still on Win 10 and will stay that way for a few months until my secondary one proves reliable.

Welcome to the Dell Community @ECharles 

@ECharles wrote:

Only the OP can decide if it makes sense to sink money into the machine with more memory, new SSDs and processor, when that money would buy a new computer.

 As you say only the OP "Can Decide"

Then why are you directing your opinion/warnings towards me???

Give your opinion/warnings yes, but most important try to "Answer" the OP's question.

The OP"s country of origin can influence whether an upgrade or new is for them.

A new CPU is unnecessary.

A 500GB SSD and Memory upgrade if needed will most likely not exceed the cost of a new computer.

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@U2CAMEB4ME  I'm a huge believer in keeping tech as long as possible - which is why I always the top spec and then I keep it until the performance "degrades" to the entry level computer.

There is a reason that Microsoft has set minimum standards for Win11 and while there are workarounds to running Win11 on a non-compliant machine, there will be issues.

The OPs machine undoubtedly came with Win 7 (maybe and I've installed 11 on several machines of that era. Some upgrades went without issues and others worked, but had odd issues - sometimes memory or sometimes they just crashed unexpectedly - and those machines were all running Win10 for years without any problems.

Only the OP can decide if it makes sense to sink money into the machine with more memory, new SSDs and processor, when that money would buy a new computer.

I'd also be a bit leery in running W11 on my "daily driver" when Win10 will run nicely for the next 4 years or so.

I have no issues running Win11 on a 7th gen i7 because I know that the i7 has far more computing power than a "compliant" i3.

I'll go out on a limb and say that any computer that came with Win10 will work nicely with Win11 as the majority of drivers appear identical, but anything pre 10 is pretty iffy - even if it loads without problems.

@Elmehdi M.Dghem 

Keep things the same for now.

Then plan on an upgrade to a newer more W11 compatible system in the future.

No matter W10 or W11 the laptop can have many years of use.

If you do choose W11, an SSD and 8GB [2x4GB] memory would be recommended.

Your system is capable of 16GB [2x8GB]. [But not necessary]

If you need any help setting up the BIOS for W11 just let us know.

Best regards,


Putting more money into a 9 year old laptop makes little sense. Everything is ancient in computer terms.

The least expensive i3 current computer will be far faster that anything you could build using your existing chassis.

If you are happy with the performance of your current laptop and your only goal is to upgrade to the latest and greatest operating system, then you won't be happy with the result.

Your processor is slightly slower than the current i3 (1115G4) processor so the cost of the required upgrades (TPM 2.0, processor, most likely hard drive) will most likely exceed the cost of a new computer.



thank you for your positive feedback

I'm wondering now if i should upgrade the processor to   or just keep every thing as it is and plan for a newly released laptop with Win11 preinstalled ?!

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Welcome to the Dell Community @Elmehdi M.Dghem 

Sorry for not replying sooner but I was out for a few days.

The CPU you have now is fine but the Fastest CPU for your laptop is the i7-3840QM:

A little faster and the same TDP.

I installed W11 on a very simaler system E5530. [Test System]


Series  =  E5

LCD Size  =  15"

CPU Gen  =  3

All W11 drivers, W11 updates and W11 "Optional Updates" installed successfully. [10/05/2012]

System was also "Activated" with a W11 "Digital" license"

Today [10/14/2021] I found five W11 updates.

E5530W11 Updates.PNG

And nine W11 "Optional Updates"

E5530W11 Optional Updates.PNG

So at this time Microsoft is supporting systems not listed as acceptable???

That would mean that W11 is still a good possibility for the future.

Best regards,


You are very welcome. Happy to help out!

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Thank you very much for your kind assistance and positive feedback.
Now I believe that a new laptop is almost the only choice ahead of me.
Thank you again ....
Best regards
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