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Latitude E7x50 bad character in BIOS Model

We've recently migrated from MS WSUS 3 to WSUS 10 and ran into a problem with some Dell Latitude E7x50 laptops.  It seems these machines have an invalid ASCII character in the model name field that causes our WS"US 10 consoles to crash.  Copying the error to the clipboard and pasting it in to Notepad++ shows the character as "SYN" which is actually the single ASCII character 0022 left over from teletype days and stands for Synchronous Idle.  Searching the WSUS SQL DB for this character identifies the bad machines.  We've been able to upgrade the BIOS on them and have them recheck in to WSUS - which overwrites the bad record.  So far, we've had 8 of these machines out of the 6k in our WSUS. 

We use LANDesk here and looking at these machine's records shows the character in the model field as well.  Here, it shows up like a short capital T.  

Anyone else seen this or know why it is happening?

- Rick

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