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Latitude model numbering — where will Dell go next?

As of this writing, the Latitude line is up to the xx90 model code. Under Dell’s model numbering convention, the digits mean, in order: series, display size, generation, and “variant” (AMD CPU, 2-in-1, etc.) Given that the generation digit is now up to 9 and that the digits on either side are already reserved for another purpose, does anyone have any guesses (or knowledge?) as to what the successor to the Latitude 7490 will be called, for example? I suppose they could abandon the 7000 Series entirely and move up to the 8000 Series. They replaced the 6000 Series with the 7000 Series when they moved from 3 to 4 on the generation digit, so the Latitude E6430 was replaced by the E7440.

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