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Latitude won't wake up, E5470

My Latitude sometimes will not wake up (I know the feeling).

Most of the time its fine, but sometimes it just stays snoozing.

I have reinstalled Win10 2 times, updated drivers, done a hardware check - and the laoptop works fine otherwise.

Sometimes I have to force it to close down then restart.

Any ideas?



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Re: Latitude won't wake up, E5470


Problem: Laptop will not wake up after entering sleep mode (manually or after time-out)

Root Cause: BIOS Version: 1.19.3

Resolution: Downgrade BIOS to 1.18.6 (any version lower than 1.19.3)

Download older versions of BIOS:
-Find / Detect PC - Select Model
-Drivers & Downloads Tab
-Choose OS, Choose BIOS from Category
-Expand the arrow next to the name
-Choose "Older Versions" next to the Version
-Select a previous version, download and install (downgrade BIOS firmware)

This will resolve the wake from sleep issue for the Dell Latitude E5470 model

No other changes need to be made related to power options, sleep, hibernate, wake / link state, or within BIOS


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