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Maximum Resolution Supported by Latitude 6440 for External Display

Hi All,

I am having Latitude 6440 with Intel HD Graphics 4600, I am not sure about the HDMI version in my laptop.

I am wanting to use a 4K Monitor for effective productivity, before I buy I want to make sure that the laptop supports the 4K Display.

Looking for useful input on this topic.


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Re: Maximum Resolution Supported by Latitude 6440 for External Display

The Intel HD Graphics 4600 GPU built into that system will handle 4K at the regular 60 Hz, but even the latest laptop models from Dell don't seem to have HDMI 2.0, so you would not be able to do so over HDMI. You would instead need an E-Port or E-Port Plus docking station, and then you'd have to use a DisplayPort connector.  It's also likely that you will not be able to run a second display when you have a 4K at 60 Hz display active, although I'm not certain about this since I don't remember how much total display bandwidth that system makes available to its docking station.  Lastly, with either of those docks, make sure you get one that includes USB 3.0 ports (make sure the ports under the Ethernet connector are blue), because the dock hardware update that added USB 3.0 also added DisplayPort 1.2, which you'll need for 4K at 60 Hz.  The original version of the E-Port docks had black USB ports under the Ethernet connector since they only supported USB 2.0, and those docks will only do DisplayPort 1.1.

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