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No Sound For Dell Latitude E6320 On Windows 10

I upgraded to windows 10 and everything works except the sound. I tried everything. I tried to install the driver but there is none for windows 10. The ones for the other operating systems get an error and will not install. I right clicked on trouble shooting. It says it's fixed when it's not. I went to control panel and see the "high definition audio controller" with a yellow triangle. I tried to update driver. It says already updated. I tried uninstalling the high definition audio controller and do scan for hardware changes but it just puts it back in and still yellow triangle and no sound. When i rest the mouse over the sound icon it says "no audio output device is installed" Can this be fixed? Any help would be appreciated.

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FWIW, I told you chipset driver above and you claimed you installed it.

So you linked to your own Youtube video?????



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I believe I once had a similiar problem on my E6540.  Backwards and forwards with no result.  Of course, the actual audio cards are completely different between the two models, so I don't know if this will work for you, but...

IIRC, the procedure that finally sorted it out was what is listed on this troubleshooter under:

If those options didn’t work, try using the generic audio driver that comes with Windows.
To use the generic audio driver that comes with Windows:

It's about half-way down in section 6.

The generic one was not my final driver, but somehow installing the generic one allowed Windows Update or Dell Update (I can't remember which, but I'd try Windows first) to finally do what it was supposed to do.

Edit: Also, when it comes to installing updates, especially driver updates, I have much better success going onto the Dell Support website, inputting my service tag, and allowing the website to interface with SupportAssist and scan for updates, than doing it through the SupportAssist application itself.  It's counterintuitive, but it just works better.


Have you gone online to get all the Windows 10 updates?

I have a E6230 and the sound works fine on Windows 10 v21H2.




Nothing to google. It's an error that just says that the driver is not compatible with the OS. What is very strange is that if in fact there is no fix and the driver doesn't exist then why did it work the first time? This is the second installation of Windows on this computer. Everything works but the sound.

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Try Googling the error you are getting. We have no idea what that error is.


Anyone? Is there any fix to this? I have seen others have the same problem with no resolution.


Ok I was able to figure out compatibility mode but the chipset didn't require compatibility mode to install. It installed, confirmed and restarted. Only the audio driver "IDT 92HDxxx HD Audio Driver" will not install and hits an error mid installation.


What does "compatibility mode" mean? There is only one way I can install these drivers that I see. Please explain.

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Try installing the Windows 7 chipset driver in compatibility mode. Then try installing the audio drive in compatibility mode.

Also see if there is a newer BIOS.

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