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Noob wants to get it right - Latitude 5490 to a dock to 2 monitors.

My first dealings with a dock and 2 monitors with a Latitude 5490 and I'd like to make sure I get things right.  And I guess I've been behind the times - all these connectors / terms and formats are a bit new to me.

I was going to get the D6000 dock, but I saw posts by @jphughan talking about that using displaylink for 2 monitors and while this is a simple business situation, I want to do it right.

And I was planning on getting the E2420H monitors. They have displayport connectors. The D6000 has 2 Displayport connections on it. So it should all work together? (the 5490 and dock would connect via  the single USB-C connector on the laptop for everything? including power, sound, etc?!

But would the WD19 be a better choice?  And while the 5490 ships with a 65w power supply, you can upgrade to 90W.  That gives faster charge times (at not much added weight? I tried seeing weights of the 2 power supplies but didn't see that number for either of them!?).

There's also a WD19 mounting bracket available?

But doesn't say it works on the E series monitors.  And there's no pictures of it installed that I could find.

How do you like to mount the WD19? or just leave it on the desk?

Are there other things we will need for this 5490 -> WD19/D6000 -> 2 E2420H monitors?

a keyboard and mouse, right?

Is the cable from the dock to laptop in with the dock?

Thank you!

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@Tttyyy  glad you found my post about DisplayLink informative.  The 5490 can use either a WD19 or a D6000.  If you're only running two FHD/1080p displays, I'd go with the WD19.  You'll avoid the drawbacks of DisplayLink I described, and the WD19 will allow you to do things like use the Power button built into the dock to control your system -- so for example you could close your laptop lid (or dock it with the lid already closed) and then power it up using the button on the dock.  The only real reasons I could see to get the D6000 in your case would be if you either a) needed to run higher-end display setups that the WD19 won't run from that system but that the D6000 would be able to, and/or b) you also needed to use this dock with some other system that didn't have a true GPU output available on their USB-C port as your Latitude 5490 does.  GPU output is an optional capability on a USB-C port, and the D6000's DisplayLink technology means it would work even with systems whose USB-C ports didn't have that capability, or indeed with systems that only have a regular USB port.  That isn't true of the WD19.

Either way though, yes the single connection from the dock to the 5490 will carry everything, namely power, video, audio, USB data, etc.

The weight difference between 65W and 90W chargers isn't very significant in my opinion.  The size difference is noticeable if you put them side-by-side, but fewer people would be able to tell them apart in isolation, and I personally don't think the size difference matters too much either if you'll have a proper laptop bag rather than something like a basic sleeve or skinny messenger bag (although in that setup pretty much any AC adapter will seem bulky).  If you want to be as lightweight as possible, then 65W is the better choice, but if you prioritize faster battery charging and don't mind a bit more weight and bulk, 90W is only a minor penalty there.

For the mounting bracket, you need a display that supports being detached from its stand so that you can install the bracket between the display and the stand.  Looking at the product page for the E2420 here, judging by the rear view image I'm not sure it supports that, although even if it does, it looks like the stand mounts to the display underneath a large plastic shroud, which may not work for installing a dock bracket.  Compare that to (for example) the U2719D display here.  As you can see from its rear view, the stand's mount point to the display is "exposed".

I personally like to leave the dock on the desk though, since it gives easier access to the power button, USB ports, and headphone jack built into the dock.

Technically you wouldn't NEED a keyboard and mouse if you wanted to use your laptop's built-in keyboard and trackpad even while docked, but I'd certainly recommend those peripherals.

Yes, both the D6000 and WD19 come with the cable you would use to connect the system to them.  They're semi-permanently attached (i.e. you can unscrew a plate to release the cable from the dock, but that's something you'd do to replace a bad part, not a normal everyday thing).

Hopefully this helps!

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