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One type of solution for Dell Latitude 7490 BSOD, Freeze

Hello, I just wanted to share my sad history, I though it will never happend to me 😢

Lets begin, I bought my shinny dell latitude 7490 in may of 2019 then it worked fantastic fast processing, never hang, etc, but then i formatted on end of august, and since then it started to show some blue screen and freeze, no logs no nothing, i tried changing the ram memory sticks for new ones, then i changed the m.2 disk for new ones, then i clean up the fan, check the temps, push parts of the laptop to see if it "short circuited", i also tried all possible solutions that i could find on the internet, with no result, then after some observation i notice that the laptop freeze or show bsod when i plug the ac charger however i did one test using it only with battery to see if it is really the charger and even without the charger it bsod after a few minutes of battery only.

So i was sad just to think that i will have to thrown away an almost new and not so cheap(yes the dirty money) laptop as i don't have guarantee (guarantee for me is waste of time)

I tried to rollback the bios to one date before this year thinking it could solve the problem, it worked for one day but then BSOD again

So  as a last effort i format my m.2 and install a clean version of windows 10, the oldest one that i could find in my desktop pc so i found the Windows 10 Pro Version 10.0.16299 Build 16299, Once installed i didn't connect to internet until disable the automatic updates and installed an old graphic driver version (as i read in forums problems related to Graphic driver versions), then i connected to the internet and installed everything as normal

So to resume this is the current stable configuration that i am using(disable windows automatic updates):

OS Name: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro ,Version 10.0.16299 Build 16299 

BIOS: Version/Date Dell Inc. 1.8.0, 12/24/2018

Intel UHD Graphics 620: Driver version

It has been almost one week and it never freeze or BSOD since then, even pluggin or unplugging the charger 😄

PD: these are the only updates that i have wich came preinstalled in the windows version:




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