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Replace m.2 with Samsung 840 - kills motherboard

I purchased the holder and screws from Dell for a SSD.  On another machine, I cloned the original M.2 256gb to a Samsung 840 500gb SSD (which I've been using for 2 years in an older Latitude).  I installed the SSD.  It worked perfectly.  The laptop sat for 2 weeks turned off.  When I tried to turn it on, it was dead.  I put the M.2 back in.  Still dead.  Dell replaced the MB.  Everything was OK.  I put the SSD back.  It was OK.  It sat for a few days and then died.  I put the M.2 back in and sent it to Dell.  Dell replaced the MB again.  I want to use the 500gb SSD.  Is there some reason that I can't?  Do I have a shaky power supply?  Thanks.

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