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SCCM Driver Pack for a Dell Latitude 7490

My company have purchased 300 + Dell Latitude 7490 laptops for upcoming Windows 10 1809 LTSC roll out via SCCM. In preparation for the roll out I received a loan unit of a 7490 so that I could prepare the task sequence. Using the cab files provided from the Dell website<Service tag removed>. I created a driver package within SCCM to deploy the drivers to the laptop during the task sequence. The loan unit which was running BIOS version 1.4.1 imaged correctly and all drivers were installed. Lat week i received the first batch of Dell 7490 laptops and I began to image using the same task sequence and driver pack. After the first laptop was built I checked device manager and I found that there were 6 missing drivers. I have checked the BIOS of the new laptop and the BIOS is running a higher version of 1.7.2. Could somebody please advice why the driver pack on Dells website does not contain all of the drivers? If there is an updated version of the driver pack which supports BIOS version 1.7.2 could you please kindly provide the URL link to download the updated driver pack. Many Thanks

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