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SSD 2.5 SATA not recognize after cloning and replacing HDD

I'm using Dell Latitude E5540. I cloned my HDD with Kingston SSD using partitionwizard. After clone was finished, SSD is showing on my computer with the same amount of data as HDD. That is how i checked that everything from HDD are on the SSD too. I then removed the HDD and placed the SSD at the back, then attempted to turn my laptop on. It doesn't boot up, and im going through a loop - Errors are (1) autochk program not found - skipping AUTOCHECK. (2) then it will show a blue screen with error, System has been shut down. (3) Then it would show the Windows Error Recovery - here i choose launch startup repair (recommended), (4) Im routed to start up repair but it will say startup repair cannot repair this computer automatically. I click finish then it will go back to number (1) and that's when im stuck on a loop.

In the (3) Windows Error Recovery - if i chose start windows normally, it will still go to back to (1) and the same loop all over again.

I check bios settings but it doesn't show the SSD. Options on the boot sequence are:

1. Diskette Drive (box checked)

2. Internal HDD (box checked)

3. USB Storage (box checked)

4. Onboard NIC (box checked)

5 CD/DVD/CD-RW Drive (box unchecked)


please help me Smiley Sad

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