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Swollen batteries and warranty

This is more of an FYI to the community and to Dell.  I've been a loyal customer for years and I'm not going over to Lenevo or HP anytime soon.

However, I've had 2 laptops (E7450 and E7270) both with swollen batteries in the last couple of years.  It is bogus that only a few months out of the battery warranty (only 1 year) Dell accepts no responsibility for unsafe products and quality control.  I pay extra for 3 year Pro support warranty for a reason and for a battery to swell up and almost break the laptop (the screw literally flew out when I unscrewed it and the cover popped up). To not have it covered, is unacceptable. 

It is a safety issue especially if the lithium batteries actually burst and chemicals get out, it is a quality issue and it is a customer service issue when the tech says that because it was the battery, the MB cannot be replaced even though the expansion clearly caused damage to one of the laptops.

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@A-Nickname i'm sorry to hear of the problems you are having with swollen batteries and associated plastics. Swollen batteries as they are shouldn't present any safety risk, however mishandling of them during removal could present a hazard.

I'll drop you a private message for some more details so I can see what I can do to help.


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I have a Latitude E7240 PC which is used by me with a docking station. Recently when I took the PC off the docking station I noticed that the battery had swollen so much that cracks were beginning to be visible on battery cover. I immediately replaced the battery with a new one, I am now worried if the new battery will also end up with the same fate. What should I do the ensure that this does not happen?

The only thing you can do is replace the battery at the first sign of swelling.  Just about all batteries of this type will swell when they're at the end of their lives -- there is no longer a steel casing around the battery as there used to be, that prevents them from swelling when the electrolyte starts to break down as they age.


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In the last 2 weeks I have had 5 laptops with expanded and cracked batteries - Model Dell Latitude 7440.  This is crazy and dangerous. 



The bigger question: why did you leave a swollen battery in the system long enough to cause this problem?


So let me get this right... It is MY FAULT that Dell puts batteries in their laptops that swell? Not exactly sure how you came to that conclusion but anyway. The laptop is used in a business environment and only comes to us for routine updates or repairs. Once the battery issue was detected we immediately took the battery out.

No, I'm not saying it was your fault - but long before the battery swells enough to be a safety hazard, there is warning the system needs repair -- just like long before your brake pads wear out completely, you're warned you need new ones.

Any puncture to a lithium battery can result in a fire - even to an intact one.  Swollen ones should be handled in a safe area, on a fireproof surface.


Dell is 100% responsible for these junk batteries. We have the same issue in our 7470s and 80's, and all are just over their useless 1 year battery warranty. The batteries we have are enclosed in the laptop--not removable (normally) and your average user may not notice the bulging. Dell better face the fact that their batteries are garbage and potentially dangerous, and they need across the board replacements issued.

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