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The Processor fan failed to respond, Error Code 2000-0511

My laptop Latitude 3340 had a problem of fan not working, so i changed the from local computer hardware shop and now fan is working but i see a message on startup.

Fan malfunction

To continue Press f1 Key

To change .....

When i run onboard diagnostic, it shows an error for

The processor fan failed to respond

Error code: 2000-0511

Service tag <Service tag removed>,BI0S A07

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Re: The Processor fan failed to respond, Error Code 2000-051

Probably because the fan does not have an RPM sensor which tells the BIOS if the fan is working properly. Although I have read forum posts from users that had replaced the Dell fan with one that was not Dell but had the sensor and still got an error. The following posts should help. Read through to the end. Just wondering, how many pins was the Dell fan and how many on the new fan you installed?


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