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WD19 docking stations - network dropout, USB dropout across multiple models

We are facing issues with WD19s losing Ethernet connections pretty consistently and also USB dropping out randomly throughout the day.

This happens with our latitude 5400 laptops.

The issue persists after we had the motherboard and other parts replaced, 3 new WD19's, and fresh installs of OEM image and latest BIOS and drivers on laptop and dock.

The issue does NOT occur with the WD15 dock and 5400 latitude.

Dell indicated moths ago there would be an August update of the docks firmware. This has not been released.

Has Dell acknowledged this as a known issue ?- there seems to be multiple posts with this same issue with other laptop models.

We were planning on purchasing this model for our fleet...

Dell, any comment? 

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feedback on the Bios update: The update that Dell made leads to a "reconnect/reboot" of the Dell WD19 dock. This kinda fixes the ethernet disconnection issue. After the reboot the network device is functioning again. For attached USB hard drives this is catastrophic. Just think about transferring files to an attached USB disk and unplug/replug the USB, I am waiting for further updates/patches by Dell.

I downloaded the new bios update (Latitude 5490) with a WD19TB and installed it today along with the latest Intel chipset drivers.  Moved Ethernet back to the dock and so far, so good.  I returned all settings back to default (green ethernet on, power save on, the works for the dock's realtek driver) and no drops.

Will update again on Friday if it continues to behave.

I was expecting a dock update but preliminary trial suggests the PC itself needed a bios update.


*sigh*  Ethernet dropped twice on me first thing in the morning.  Re-disabled power saving on the realtek ethernet and it remained stable for the remainder of the day.


summary of the current situation for me: behaviour before the latest bios update: ethernet connection stopped after a while and the system needs to be rebooted. : behaviour with bios version 1.6.1: the ethernet connection drops but recovers without a system reboot. | behaviour without the dell dock: no drops of the ethernet connection. Expected behaviour with the dell dock: no drops of the ethernet connection. <-- this is just for the ethernet drops. The USB drops are catastrophic as I explained earlier with a probability of data loss.

Dear Dell,

same here have this problem with Latitude 5400 + WD19 Dock, ethernet dropping 1-10 times within in the day.

When you release new firmware to fix that issue?


I think I found a solution to these problems! Go into the BIOS > System Configuration > Thunderbolt Adapter Configuration > Change the configuration to be "No Security" (Display port and USB only may also work).  Apply and test. When you disconnect your laptop from the dock and then reconnect it, the wireless mouse and other ethernet connection will continue to work.


This solved the issue for me:

Go into the BIOS > System Configuration > Thunderbolt Adapter Configuration > Change to "No Security" > Apply and test.


yay! much kudos to ProblemSolver2020! Configured the port to "Display port and USB only" and did some quick tests. Which succeeded!! So no longterm experience yet, but I am hopeful!

For me updating the BIOS didn't fix this issue. I had to download the latest driver for Dock WD19 and disable the Energy-Saving options for the Docks's Ethernet port in the device-manager.

Realtek USB GBE Ethernet Controller Driver (


for Latitude 5400 not have this option in BIOS.


Dear Dell, Please update your Dock Station firmware and fix that! 


I'm tried all way from this topic, but any one option not fix this issue.

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