Where can I buy WWAN antennas for Latitude 7490?

I bought a Latitude 7490 a couple weeks ago and am thinking about buying an M.2 wireless modem card for it (Sierra Wireless EM7455/Dell DW5811e). The problem is, I bought the laptop used and it didn't come equipped with the extra antennas for WWAN—only WLAN (WiFi). I removed the display bezel and there's room above the LCD panel to add in the two extra antennas I'd need, but I can't find any place to buy the antennas from Dell. I've read that you can use generic laptop WLAN antennas—the kind you can buy on eBay for $5—with WWAN cards, but it doesn't seem like the best idea, especially since this gets into FCC regulatory stuff. Anyone have suggestions on where I could buy the antennas? Thanks

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Re: Where can I buy WWAN antennas for Latitude 7490?

It would appear that the antennas are part of the back cover for the LCD as in the following link. Try calling Dell parts and they might be able to help you, though it might be a matter of replacing that cover. And that brings into play the fact that if you alter the case or hardware, it could void your warranty. In that respect a call to Dell tech support for your region might be wise before deciding to go ahead. Ask them about any warranty issues.


Dell Spare Parts at 800-357-3355..have your service tag when/if you call.

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Re: Where can I buy WWAN antennas for Latitude 7490?

Thanks for the suggestion. Haven't had a chance to call yet but will try to report back if I get a chance.

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