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Where can I find the official Dell wallpaper ?


I bought a Dell XPS recently and I really like the wallpaper that was shown is the advertisement.
I saw this wallpaper on a lot of Dell devices too, is there a way I can acquire it ?


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Click the link below for downloading the Dell Wallpaper.

How to Download Dell™ Wallpaper - KB Article - 327218 

But those are ancient 1024x768 wallpaper files from the Windows XP era - any chance on getting wallpaper from this millennium?


Unfortunately, I do not find any recent wallpapers to download from Dell. You can click the link below and download the Dell Themed Wallpapers from a 3rd party site.


Thanks, and I'd give you a Kudo, but I can't seem to activate the button. Authentication failed for the action you are trying to do. This failure could be due to your browser not supporting JavaScript, JavaScript not being enabled, or trying to use the action URL directly in the browser address bar instead of clicking the link on the page.

Hello Jesse, 

I lost my wallpaper during the installation of Windows on my Precision 5530. I tried looking everywhere on my SSD disk without any luck. Would you know where to find this one? Also Where can we download the Blue wallpaper stated above for Precision 5530 4K Screen.  

Thank you in advance. 


Hello to everybody,

I also lost this wallpaper during installation of Windows. Did anyone find it?

Best regards,


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Made it from an image of the huge monitor, in true 4K (3840x2160) Enjoy! Stock Dell Wallpaper 

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I recreated a Dell Wallpaper


is 1920x1080 size Download it free

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