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Wifi driver installation blocked - E6410 Win7 64b


I've used my Latitude E6410 for a long time and never had a problem. I just re-installed Windows 7 clean on a new SSD, but the wifi driver (Network_Driver_3MNPT_WN_15.10.0.10_A06) installer keeps saying "Installation Blocked: This software package cannot be installed on your system." I've tried updating the BIOS with a few different versions but this made no difference. The other wifi-related driver, WiMax Link driver won't install either.

What could I be doing wrong here...?
Is there a work-around I could try?

The hardware IDs I got from Device Manager are:


Any advice will be appreciated!

Kind regards,

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I managed to solve my problem first by following this post. Following the steps on that post resolved the yellow sign for the network adapter in Device Manager. Then after installing the WLAN half-mini card driver, wifi started working:

Not sure if this one is related to wifi, but after installing the driver for Broadcom USH at the below link, another yellow sign which was right above the network adapter in Device Manager disappeared:

Maybe this will help someone else dealing with the same problem I had.

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This solved the problem for me, thanks! Even though I couldn't find a download link from the first site, the second one let me connect to wifi.

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You need to install the chipset drivers before the wifi driver will install.

You should also not be using Windows 7 online at this point -- it has seen no security updates in almost two years so you're vulnerable to all manner of exploits online using it.


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