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Windows 10 activation


Hi, I needed to install Linux on my computer (dell latitude 7370) so I did a backup using Dell backup and Recovery tool. I choose the bootable usb option, because that's the one I used on my older dell computers and it worked fine. I did it on a hp usb of 32gb , bc the backup was 25gb or something , which seemed weird bc is not usually that heavy. So the program did what it was meant to, and when it was finished, y copy all files from the usb to an external hdd just in case, lucky I did that bc later , when I wanted to go back to windows, the hp usb was no longer working, dunno why, it just didn't work.

So I tried to make a bootable usb from the command promt (using a friends windows pc) , but the only usb bigger than 16gb I had was a 64gb one, which in windows is not posibble to format to fat32 (which is needed in case u want to boot from the usb) so I was kinda sad bc I thought I had to buy another usb. Then a friend who also owns a dell told me somehow broke his hdd and ask dell for help to get his windows license back when he replaced his hdd, and dell told him to create a bootable usb using Dell os recovery tool , so I tried that, and the iso file that program downloaded was only about 8gb so I used one of my flashdrives. When I restore windows with that, it came activated , but It didn't had any drivers or office suite, and worst of all, the computer was running very slow and heating up really fast (probably bc lack of drivers) , so I decided I need to buy a 32gb and restore with the files from Dell backup and Recovery tool. So I just did that , and find out that it was not only a system recovery , it had all my files. I was really amazed. Until I went to system settings to check if windows was activated and it was not. No I don't know what to do. I just lost a windows 10 pro license, I just want to know If there is a way I could get it back :c

plz help and sorry for the long post n the broken English (I'm not from an English speaking country)lack of windows license.JPG

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Re: Windows 10 activation

You have to go online and touch microsoft 1 time to activate.

Office is never included as a download only a Microsoft Product Identifier card with the Key.

Download Office 2010

You can download Office 2010 products, provided you have a valid Office 2010 product key.  These keys are NOT given out on the forum EVER.

FYI If you cannot find the MPI card with the office key code and you had previously activated your version of office you will have to buy a new copy.  If your dell came with a trial version you did not get an office key and you will have to buy office 2016 as this is the only version now available.

Manage, download, back up, or restore Office products

Microsoft Office 2013 OEM Version and Product Key Not Valid Errors (Geo-Blocked etc.)


Report Unresolved Customer Service Issues

I do not work for Dell. I too am a user.

The forum is primarily user to user, with Dell employees moderating
Contact USA Technical Support

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Re: Windows 10 activation

Hi , thanks for answering, but I don't understand. how can I go online and touch Microsoft 1 time? my computer is connected to the internet. 

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Re: Windows 10 activation

On systems sold by Dell with Windows 10, the license key is embedded into the system board.  To check whether it's there, install a copy of RW Everything:

If there is a product key there, Windows will activate when you go online.

If there is not, you'll need to contact the seller from which you purchased the system to find out if it shipped from Dell with Windows 10, or was shipped without Windows.  Many non-US systems are sold without a Dell-supplied Windows 10 license. 

If there's no license key embedded in the ACPI table of the mainboard, you'll need to go back to your system's supplier to obtain one -- or, if the system wasn't sold with a valid Windows license, purchase a license key.


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