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Windows 11 & issues with network connection on a dock

Checking to see if anyone else has seen this problem.  Latitude 5520 on a docking station, running Windows 11.  The network connection keeps flaking out.  I'll have the ethernet connection symbol, then it will go to Wi-Fi then it goes to the World (disconnected) symbol. 

Here's the thing, my network connection is still working.  I can still chat on Teams, still get to websites, still receive email.  But it blips in and out while I have the world symbol.

I've rebuilt my machine, I've updated firmware on everything including the dock.  I'm on a different computer entirely with a fresh build, even tried a different docking station and it still happens.

At this point, I don't know if it's a Windows 11 bug or a Dell driver issue, but it's beyond annoying.

For now, I've unplugged the ethernet port of the dock so I can keep going without interruption, but would love to get this fixed permanently.  

Anyone else see this?

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Thanks for the response, yes, I've seen it both ways where one tells you turn off the Power Saving functions and one that tells you to turn it on.  Doesn't seem to help either way.


Figures...takes months for them to figure this stuff out.  Appreciate the reply!


I had the same issue and this fixes it. Thanks

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Yup I'm having the same issues, reverting back to Windows 10.

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We are having the same issue with 5420s and 5430s on Windows 11 with both the WD19s dock or Dell Monitors with Ethernet. Both use the Realtek USB GBE Ethernet Controller. We have tried all Dell drivers, BIOS and dock firmware updates that are available.

The problem does not happen all the time or even every day but effected users do see it all around the same time. Seems odd and also makes it hard to trouble shoot. We have also found unplugging and using just WiFi or using the laptops onboard Intel ethernet works without issue.

I did find that Realtek has a newer driver(1153.8.x) that DELL has yet to publish:

I couldn't find release notes but from what we saw after installing it on two computers it turns energy efficient ethernet and green ethernet to disabled. The driver on Dell support (1153.6.x) has those both enabled. You can find those setting on the advanced tab in the driver properties. I am not sure if this muddies the waters more or not.

I contacted our Dell reps yesterday asking if they can connect me with an engineer or someone that can speak to when that drive might be available from DELL and if they know about the issue. After relaying the info to a "Client Technologist" they told me calling the 1-800 number and putting in a support ticket would be best way to start.


To Dell Support... RealTek has a newer driver with different Advanced options? The two I have noticed are around Green Ethernet. After installing, In the newer Realtek driver the Green Ethernet is disabled and Energy Efficient Ethernet is disabled. The Realtek drive that came down from Dell SupportAssist both those settings are enabled. Are there other differences? and why?

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UPDATE: I guess the new driver from Realtek is not the fix. Three clients including myself are seeing it happen as I type this. It is odd that it happens at the same time for multiple users then is fine before and after.


Bummer.  That would have been good for something to fix this. It's been going on for months.

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Hi i see the same problem nic on docs not working with or wo flow control 

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Seems the last BIOS update fix the problem

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