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Wireless card for Dell Precision M4700

I have a Dell Precision M4700 laptop, service tag <Service tag removed>. I bought a Dell Wireless 380 Bluetooth 4.0 Module CN-3YX8R, but the cable end does not match the socket on the motherboard (see small vertical black socket JBT1 in photos). Strangely, there is a Bluetooth bay for this type card next to the battery and the card fits there. Just the cable is the issue. Am I missing something?


On further research, I discovered the WLAN mini-PCI card can be changed for one like this which contains dual band Wifi + Bluetooth 4.0. Here's one I located on eBay:


This is what I currently have installed in the laptop, receives 2.4 & 5 gHz bands great, just no Bluetooth


My goal is to add BT capability, as I have a portable BT speaker as well as BT headphones which I want to use. Would this card work properly for my laptop? I'm guessing this would be get the driver, then plug & play?

DSC_0052.JPGCable end does not match vertical black socket...or is this wrong location??? Hidden beneath something???


DSC_0057.JPGDell 380 BT card and cable attached


DSC_0056.JPGIs the black vertical socket where the BT cable goes???


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