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best charger for Latitude E6540?


I need to buy a replacement charger for a Latitude E6540. Since I guess multiple Dell apaters will work could you please suggest me the BEST one?

Will a genunine one have a blue LED light coming up when connected to the computer?

Many thanks :)

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Same laptop as mine the 130W shipped with my system, the warning is that if you use less than the 130W you will underpower the i7 CPU and get a bios warning.


Module,Adapter,Alternating Cur rent,130W,Delta - Ac Adapt,3P, Pwa Integrated,World Wide

Dell Part  WRHKW

Also look for a 6 foot cord on ebay

3 Foot power cord is

Dell Part   0K260C


Your very welcome @RTodd72 



Thank you!

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Can you please tell me what charger cord I need?




In an emergency, I used a 60w (Dell) charger on my e6540 which came with 130w adapter.  Bios complained, but the machine worked fine, battery charged up.


Is there any danger in using a lower output charger ?

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You can purchase it by this link. They deliver goods globally. I received 130W chargers from them in Australia.

jbcml32 dell latittude e6540.. Kindly let me know what charger do I need to buy and where do I get it from? I am based in Durban/South Africa thanks Sasidhar

Thanks For Your Reply

I've bought 130W AC Adapter and it's working fine.

Thank you very much.

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