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dell E7440 stuck on A09 BIOS

Hello, for last 2 days I've been trying to update A09 BIOS in one of our E7440 with no luck. I have tried doing it from:

  • Windows OS
  • Freedos bootable usb
  • Bios Update option in Boot selection
  • Windows PE All with no results!
  • Flash64W utility

It all ends up in loading the file and rebooting back to Windows. I have tried downgrading to A08, A04 - no luck

Upgrading to A10,13,16,20,25 - no luck.

I wanted to reinstall the A09 but it's gone. Apparently because of the problems.

I need to do this as i cannot UEFI boot this laptop over network PXE(i need uefi - not bios pxe) as this reflects on windows installation, secureboot, therefore bitlocker etc. It has also general "strange behaviour (no lan, slow hdd etc.) from time to time.

Please advise what steps can be taken in order to upgrade this .... BIOS.

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