e6440 boot device not found error only after reboot from inside windows

I have a Dell Latitude e6440 that has developed a strange issue. Windows 10 1903

From inside windows if I initiate a reboot the system will shutdown, then startup; the windows symbol will appear and the spinner will start. Up till this point the disk light is blinking. It now stops blinking, and windows will time out and give the error  "boot device not found". Keep in mind the disk did start the windows load then disappeared. If I promptly power off the laptop then power it on it will boot to windows. If I let windows to do it's thing it will try to fix the issue with several reboots and fail. Then give me some options to fix it myself.

This whole process is repeatable.

I also tried to load a fresh install of windows 10 1909  to a new SSD, It installed booted ran and I had it do an update then it rebooted and this problem came back.

Bios was at A24, I also just reloaded A24 same issue