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monitor issues (dell u2415) with latitude 5500

i am trying to set up my latitude 5500 with two U2415 monitors. i was unable to get a monitor to display and kept getting the "no DP cable" error. one end of one of the cords would not fit into the latitude 5500, so that may be an issue.

i am wondering if there is a docking station i can buy that will work this laptop and my two monitors, and i can bypass my issue somehow?


thank you so much!

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Re: monitor issues (dell u2415) with latitude 5500

@miriammiriam  well yes, if one end of the cable won't fit into the system, then that's definitely why the display isn't working.  It also means you're using the wrong cable.  You don't need a docking station to solve this; you just need the correct cable.  The Latitude 5500 has USB-C and HDMI video output ports, and the U2415 has HDMI and DisplayPort video input ports.  So if you just want to connect this one display, you can use any of these, all of which will perform identically:

- An HDMI cable (and switch the U2415 to its HDMI input)
- A USB-C to HDMI cable (and again, switch the U2415 to its HDMI input)
- A USB-C to DisplayPort cable

If you really want a docking station, you can use a WD19, but that's unnecessary if all you want is a single display connection.  There's also the WD19TB if your Latitude 5500 was ordered with the Thunderbolt 3 option, but the main benefit of the WD19TB over the WD19 is to support more advanced display setups, such as dual displays up to 4K rather than the WD19's max of dual displays up to 1920x1200 when used with that system, but again that isn't necessary for your setup.