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"Your Dock fan has failed." error, frequently on many WD19TB docks - Design/firmware flaw?

Error "Your dock fan has failed. You may experience reduced performance until your dock is serviced." error comes up on average of once every two weeks for many of my 250+ dock users.  I have had it occur 3 times this week on my dock alone.  It will now probably be another month until I see the error again on my PC.    

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I believe that there is a real flaw in the design and/or firmware of the WB19TB devices and it is either not recognized as a systemic issue or Dell is ignoring the issue, hoping that people will just continue to work around the issue without having to address it properly.  

How do we get Dell to realize and take this issue seriously?  Replacing the docks does not seem to help for much time and is a lot of hassle and wasted time and cost.  

The firmware on the WD19TB docks and Latitude 7420 PCs are up to date, the Windows 10 Pro OS is fully updated, and Dell Command updates are fully updated.  This does not help.  (Incidentally, the PCs are almost all Latitude 7420 units.)

As a workaround, we advise users to:

(This only temporally addresses the issue.)


- Disconnect dock cable from PC
- Disconnect dock power supply from dock
- Wait 10 sec.
- Connect dock power supply back to dock
- Wait 5 sec
- Connect dock cable to PC
- Restart PC by holding down power button on dock for 5 sec (if computer does not automatically power on / display)
- Restart PC by pressing power button on dock



Please let me know how we can best get Dell engaged properly to address this issue?

I feel like that if the right people and larger companies were involved, this would be recall and/or class action material.  

(If my company was a fortune 500 company with 60K+ WD19TB units, I could probably get their attention very easily, but it is very hard to do so as small/medium company.)


(FYI: I not too long ago I had to convince Dell they had a config/programming flaw with their F12 Dell Support Assist Recovery process for Latitude 7420 PCs.  It took me the better part of 1 months to get them to realize the systemic issue and then another 2 months of working with them and testing to get the issue truly fixed for all of the Latitude 7420 PCs.  I do not look forward to that kind of experience again.)


Thank you for your time.



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Dell replaced the WD19TB units with the same units, not WD1922 units.  I believe that the only difference between the 19 and 22 is that the thunderbolt module component is different.  I think that rest of the unit is literally exactly the same.  (The WD19TB with a Thuderbolt3 interface and the WD22TB with a Thunderbolt4 interface.) 


While there may be some quality issues, Dell is being good about replacing them when the issue comes up and not giving us the runaround or too many hoops to jump through.  


I have noticed that some units were manufactured in China and some in Vietnam.  I do not have enough data to tell if there is any correlation.  


I had one more unit come up with the fan issue the other day.  I used the Dell Tech Direct website to enter the ticket and referenced this thread.  A replacement was received the next day.  So, Dell is making good on taking care of any issues.  


Note: Dell will typically ask for:

1.Write your contact details on a sheet of paper, including:
- Service Request or Case number: 
- Registered owner's name:
- Current date and time:
- Country:

2. Place the sheet of paper beside the Serial Number or Service Tag sticker on the back of the docking station and take a photo of it using your smartphone.

3. Include photo in service request.

Once they receive the photo, they will typically arrange replacement.


Update = After completing troubleshooting, a DELL-Cares agent setup a part replacement.

If still under warranty, click the "Get help now" icon on the right to start a live chat session.
Find your Service Tag


They did replace WD19TB with WD19TB, not the WD22TB4.  I think that the only difference in the two docks is the the TB3 vs TB4 interface module.  (I also believe that the WD19TBS docks existed because there was an audio component that was unavailable during the height of the pandemic that caused a need for the "S" model.  The "S" model does not have a 3.5mm audio jack.)

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I am having the same issue and it did not start until I applied the latest firmware.  I even replaced my docking that had this issue, and everything was working fine until I upgraded to the latest firmware. And I have seen this on different models and the one thing in common is actually they all use the same firmware.


I am on my third consecutive replacement dock with no solution.

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This issue can be resolved by doing Windows update and driver updates via Dell. It usually shows whenever there is a Firmware update from Dell taht is pending download or installation from your computer. I have been working on Dell computers for over a year and this usually resolves the issue. 

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