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you'll a new app to open this alpsdelltouchpadsettings

 photo Youll need a new app to open this alpsdelltouchpadsettings_zps43onhhdc.png

My Dell Latitude 5580 RAM went bad triggering multiple BSOD even while I was trying to Reset my PC. After I replaced my RAM, it solved the some of the problems. The new problem is since I suffered a BSOD during a PC reset, it seems to have damaged or corrupted the Windows 10 installation files, so I unable to reset my PC, three failed attempts. So, I used the recovery media USB that came with the PC.

Apparently, when I used the recovery media to re-install Windows 10, it doesn't come with all the drivers as when I got my laptop from the Factory. It didn't even come with at least a 2017 or 2018 version of Windows 10. It rather came with Windows 10 version 1511 (from 2015) and about one-fourth of all the drivers needed. I had to manually download Dell SupportAssist and a number of the drivers I believed are missing.

Then I also had to manually update Windows 10 to version 1809 which was a lot of hassle because the update failed so many times when I tried to run the update automatically. I also lost all the Dell built-in wallpapers that came from the factory. The recovery media doesn't include them either.

(Hint: If you're customizing your Dell PC order, forget about opting for the recovery media USB drive. It's useless. It comes with a well outdated version of Windows 10 and a bunch of missing drivers. You're better off making your own recovery media drive using the Dell OS Recovery Tool before something happens.)

I downloaded the ALPS Dell Touchpad driver from the Dell's Drivers & Downloads Support for my PC under my Service Tag. I installed it successfully, but I every time I tried to go the Dell Touchpad properties it throws me this message and asked me if I would like to open it with the Microsoft Store.

"you'll a new app to open this alpsdelltouchpadsettings"

Please help me, I can't change my Dell Touchpad properties now. I tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it after installing the Windows 10 version 1809 update successfully, but I could never open the Dell Touchpad properties successfully like I used to when I got this laptop from the Dell manufacturer!

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Re: you'll a new app to open this alpsdelltouchpadsettings

Issue Solved. I just found out I have to download the required Dell Touchpad Settings app as well directly from the Microsoft Store.

 photo Required Dell Touchpad Settings app from the Microsoft Store_zpsiymkiqq8.png

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Re: you'll a new app to open this alpsdelltouchpadsettings

How do you install this app if you don't have access to the Microsoft Store? We disable access to it from all our corporate machines and actually uninstall the Store application.


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Re: you'll a new app to open this alpsdelltouchpadsettings

Same here - MS Store blocked at the enterprise level.

I had the same problem with a Latitude 7480, Win 10 version 1803. I downloaded the Dell Touchpad Driver and Dell Touchpad Settings from



The driver .EXE was about 140 MB while the "Settings" .EXE was 10.6 MB. Launching the Settings installer gets you an "Install" or "Extract" button. I picked Extract, and it spit out 3 documents totaling 12 kB (yes, 12 kilobytes):




Openlink.bat is what takes you to the MS Store.

But when I extracted the 140 MB Driver .EXE, it spit out the files shown in this picture (and this picture and an Excel spreadsheet with default settings were both in there too). 


I don't know what those are, but I opened I2Cx64 and right clicked on ApHidFiltr.inf and picked "Install". That seemed to install both the driver and a working Touchpad control panel... this is a rough outline of what happened b/c I'm not 100% sure all the previous software had been removed, etc. and that this single .inf file was sufficient...

Just keep in mind that you may be able to manually extract the files to get what you need. You can use 7-zip also to extract the contents of the Dell .EXE driver installers.


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Re: you'll a new app to open this alpsdelltouchpadsettings

SnackTre is definitely on the right track and the information provided helped me to figure out how to get the Dell Touchpad Control Panel working:

1. Download the Dell Touchpad Driver (the 140MB file SnackTre speaks of). I downloaded it from here.

2. Extract the Touchpad EXE to a location of your choosing

3. Go into the extracted Dell Touchpad driver folder and enter the I2CDx64 folder (this is the folder I used - I have not tested on any model other than a 7280)

4. Inside of the I2CDx64 folder, the DellTpad.exe executable is the Touchpad settings executable. If you double click on it in the folder, the settings app should start. The dependencies that DellTpad.exe needs to run are:

5. If you want to save only the Dell Touchpad app to your computer and get rid of the rest of the files, just save the two DLLs and the DellTpad.exe file in their own separate folder and run DellTpad.exe whenever you need to adjust the touchpad settings.

I have already isolated the DellTpad.exe, Vxdif.dll, and Apoint.dll files in their own folder on my desktop and I will use it to roll out the touchpad settings app for our users via SCCM since we remove Microsoft Store functionality from our machines via OSD reference image.

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Re: you'll a new app to open this alpsdelltouchpadsettings

Awesome, great work around!

I haven't run into this recently - it appears that the newer dells like the 7490 don't use the Dell software anyway and instead tells you to use the Windows 10 trackpad control panel, which seems to have the same functionality.

But for older Dell laptops, Windows 10 wants you to install this Dell app which is the source of my frustration with the Microsoft Store. Dell really should just put the stupid thing as a regular download so you can deploy it in an image.

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