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9370 Ubuntu 18.04

This is my first XPS13. Is there anything different to do for the 9370 when 18.04 comes out or can we just upgrade or fresh install as usual?

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Hi there, i am interested on this. Will be a dells customized image of Ubuntu 18.04 for xps 9370? Thanks.
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I am also interested. I have used Ubuntu Gnome for a while and since Ubuntu 18.04 is switched to Gnome, it would be very nice to have 9370 with Ubuntu 18.04 preinstalled.

But i have found someone asking the same question before.

Hope the team will have the energy to do it this time.

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I also would like to have a Dell customized update to Ubuntu 18.04. Let's hope Dell is going to support this Linux distro .


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I am also interested in running Ubuntu 18.04 on my xps 13 developer edition asap after release.

I have downloaded the installer ISO and plan on trying it on my XPS 13 DE tomorrow. I am not sure what version I have, but I know it came with 12.04 pre-installed on it years ago. It upgraded to 14.04 and 16.04 without issue.

I do not know if the new Gnome UI will have issues or not.

It installed without issue as a fresh install on a wiped drive.

I did not test Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, so no feedback on those.

The touch pad seemed to be jerky. It would move some then stop. I would then need to wait a few seconds and try again, and it would move some more. I did not try to resolve this other than to turn the track pad off as I prefer a Logitech Track Man.

My network dongle work fine.

My laptop is more than 4 years old. It had 12.04 pre-installed on it when I bought it, so it is not one of the newer models.

I am happy. I like how you can set the task bar to the bottom of the window with just changing Settings -> Dock -> Position on screen. Getting used to the new workspaces with its CTRL+ALT+[up or down arrows] is ok.

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I got the new XPS 9370. I just upgraded from 17.10 to 18.04 and I have only one (but major) problem. The UHD 620 intel graphics card is not recognized, it uses instead virtual drivers. This results in a CPU load between 1 to 3 CPUs to run the desktop GUI.  So I would definitely wait!  I will post when fixed.  Everything else is fine, but this is a mayor problem, e.g. watching Netflix in HD uses 4 CPUs at max!  That said, this is an impressive machine, not many could pull a HD video with no native 3D acceleration!

Does anybody have the same problem? Currently looking for a fix.


To verify if you have the same problem, go to settings, about and see if the graphics are descrived as LLVM, then the Intel HD card is not recognized.



Hi there!

If you look here:

There are a few bionic xxx directories. Not if and how it can help? 

Does anybody has some information? 

Intel Graphics 620 is recognized correctly on my 9370 that originally came with Windows 10 Home and which I now dual boot with Ubuntu 18.04

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