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Additional Laser Etch Logo Options and No-OS Choice


I want to start by saying what you (Barton George), your team, and Dell have done with Project Sputnik is simply awesome. I do not know of any big name company that has put this much effort into creating a truly Linux based notebook. There are the lesser known companies that do this such as System76, but it is always great to see an industry leader helping to pave the way.

Anyways, the purpose of this post is to see where Project Sputnik is headed in terms of offering more customizations and Linux distribution choices to the XPS 13 Developer Edition.

Let me start with the customizations. The little touches Dell has done to the XPS 13 Developer Edition, such as the laser etched Ubuntu logo instead of Windows on the base plate, are, once again, simply awesome. I don't know if the keyboard super key icon has been changed from Windows to something generic or Linux based (Tux perhaps), but that would be another change that Linux aficionados would love. In addition, it would be great to see Dell expand the choices. Offer options to laser etch Tux or other Linux distributions (Fedora, Gentoo, Arch, SUSE, etc) logo's onto the base plate; the same would apply to the super key icon. Perhaps have an additional checkout option when purchasing the XPS 13 Developer Edition to choose what logo would be etched onto the base plate and another checkout option for the same sort of thing for the super key icon.

Now to the Linux distribution choices. I would love to see additional Linux distribution choices, but I'm aware of the amount of effort it takes to make sure those Linux distributions work well enough with the XPS 13 Developer Edition's hardware. So, instead of offering to have other Linux distributions come pre-installed, simply offer the option to not have anything installed and let the purchaser install whatever Linux distribution they choose. Offer that, with the eventual goal to provide other Linux distributions as choices to be pre-installed.

I truly believe that these additional customizations and options would further show the Linux community that Dell has a stake in this and wants to create an awesome product for the Linux community to use and brag about.

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Dell Technologies

@jthorne,  Just realized i never thanked for your input.   Thanks! :-)

Barton George

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@jthorne, since the kernel changes from the PPA are now included in the regular Linux kernel as of 3.8-something, I imagine any distro with that kernel should be able to run on the Sputnik.

Personally, I'm considering wiping my drive and switching to Gentoo.

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@Barton No problem! Keep up the good work.

@iandouglas736, agreed. I'm looking to run Fedora. I've only tested Fedora using the Live Image before the kernel changes were pushed. Despite that, everything looked to run pretty well.

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