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BIOS 1.4.12 for XPS 9350


is it safe to upgrade to BIOS 1.4.12 (from December 20,2016) on an XPS 13 DE (9350) ?

Has anyone already tested ?


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I have installed it, and have encountered no problems.  I'm running Linux Mint 18.1 Cinnamon on my XPS 13 9350.

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Everything went great with me! Always follow the instructions carefully like any BIOS upgrade and you should be good too.

Where can I find the instructions ?

Thx !

Ubuntu 17.10 - XPS 13 9360 - BIOS version: 2.5.0

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Run the BIOS update utility from DOS environment (Non-Windows users)

NOTE: You will need to provide a bootable DOS diskette. This executable file does not
create the DOS system files.
1. Copy the file XPS_9360_XXX.exe to a bootable USB key.
2. Boot from the USB key to the DOS prompt.
3. Run the file by typing Y:\ XPS_9360_XXX.exe (where Y is the drive letter
where the executable is located).

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Or  XPS_9350_XXX.exe in your case.

How do I edit a post?!

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btw there is no need to boot via usb stick for the bios update.

simply copy the exe file to your /boot/efi folder on your internal hd.
the reboot and press f12. you should find an option for flashing bios there.
then select your exe file and bios will be flashed.

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Neat, is this documented somewhere?

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you will not find it in the support section where you can get the bios from.
cant remember where i got the info from. but i did every bios update this way since
i was too lazy to prepare a usb stick :)

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thanks ! I just did the upgrade using the /boot/efi way (which was how I did also the previous upgrades)

and it went smoothly.

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