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D3100 Dock : random pointer warping and clicking

I have a D3100 hooked to a Asus notebook, running 4K video to an external monitor through a KVM.

I am seeing random mouse warping (usually accompanied by clicking) on this (Win7 x64) system, but not on another Win7 x64 system I use, with the same driver installed (dec 2015) and going through the same KVM.

This only happens with the dock, and I've tried a 2nd dock to be sure it's not hardware related.

I tried the suggested pointer settings to help with erratic mouse movement, and 1) they don't work and 2) they are unsatisfactory settings.

I don't even have to be mousing or typing for the problem to occur, the mouse pointer will just suddenly warp to another part of the screen and may or may not click.  It often happens in the middle of typing, which can sometimes be exciting, and not in the good way.

Is this part of the 'erratic mouse movement' Dell is already aware of, when using this product, or is this a new problem?  Is an actual solution being sought, other than the 'pointer settings' hack?



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